Greece Lefkada, Harmonious amalgamation of sea and mountain

Its summer so one needs to bask in Greek sun .Warmth of Sun, barbeque, beaches, smiling faces ….smiling because it is summer in Greece. Although I am exploring Europe from last 1 year and I am quite naive, but summer in Greece is different. This time we went to Lefkada Island, a much desired, planned and longing trip. It was month of July and the sun is welcoming us all to explore the outer world. We hurried catch the bus from Ioannina to Preveza. A piece of information here; if you have to go to Lefkada Island, one have to reach Preveza. The Preveza bus stations have convenient bus connection for Lefkada Island.
A cozy and beautiful hotel was booked, we checked in around 12:00 PM and without wasting much time we went to the Bus station. The other important thing is to go to information centre; it is just at the beginning of the city and taking the Bus Time-table. Lefkada looked quite similar to other places except the harbour. I could see the sea and was getting impatient to reach any beach at the earliest. If you have international licence you are lucky to hire a car or even a bike and visit all other islands from Lefkada. But if you more privileged people like us, you can get benefit from the super bus connectivity. After waiting for sometime the bus arrived.
So the first dream destination was Kathisma Beach for us. As we got down from the bus, I could hear sound of high of sea waves and laughing of people. My heart was moving little faster than my legs. I wanted to rush and go to the beach. And when I reached there it was beyond my expectation. Soon we were into the water. The blue clear water, the mountains surrounding it, enthusiastic people, and lovely weather compensated for all the boredom I was feeling from last few days. After bathing in sun for a while we headed towards Agh Nikitas by bus. Just walking by the sea shore, we got drenched by the high tides. And then watching the beautiful sunset we returned back. The day was long and it was fun. We came back Lefkada town and now we have to dine and plan for next day. The place which looked so simple in the day and now been tainted with lights, music and fun. There were so many food outlets, local handicraft shops and others. The place was crowded and after having authenticate Greek food, we strolled by the harbour. It’s a long ally between the sea and the wind from it washed away out tiredness. Now we have to plan our next day. Earlier my husband used to plan each and everything starting from when to eat, what to eat, time table, fares calculated each and every minute details, but this time he hasn’t. He feels I don’t put any effort and get benefit from his planning so this time he thought to take decisions on the spot, honestly I find planning boring and don’t mind to travel as bag packers. So after consulting our friendly hotel staff, we negotiated and discussed with few other travel agent and got deal of a cruise from Nydri(east coast of lefkada) .
So next morning, all refreshed, after having the complimentary nice breakfast we checked out. We took bus from Lefkada and reached Nydri. The big cruise was waiting for us. There are many companies offering cruise, so one can decide based on their likings and priorities. The different tourist points of the cruise were:
Fiscardo (Kefalonia): It is the only village left untouched by the major earthquakes of 1653. The different alternations in the landscape has blessed this place with natural majestic
Ithaca: This is also a connecting point for spiritual, mythological belief and history. Traditional houses and small food outlets will brighten up one’s day.
Porto Katsiki (Lefkada): Now it was time to get down in one of the enchanting beach and give a dip in the sapphire ioaninan see.
Then a trip to Papanicolis Cave, in 1940 this cave was used as a hideout by Navigator Latridis of the legendary submarine Papanicolis. (The cruise entered the cave for photographs). And then we visited Scorpios-Sparti-Scorpidi islands. Next was Island of Madouri, known as birthplace of great poet Aristotle Valaoritis. From 1990 it has been characterized as a landmark museum and was inherited by his great grandchildren.
We also had the luck to visit Egremini beach. It’s a lovely place for expert swimmers. It is one of the premier tourist destinations in Europe. The remoteness of the beach makes it exotic, gorgeous and enviable. As we went there by cruise we were lucky to skip 347 steps one has to take to reach the beach. The other options to visit Porto katsiki and Egremni beach is by car.
As the sun set, the incredible cruise of 10 hours came to an end and we were back to Nydri Port. After strolling through the small market, we geared up to reach Vasiliki. There are many small boat rides from Vasiliki to Port Katsiki and Egremni beaches. Even there are small cruises to different tourist points. The availability of organized cruises from Nydri is much better, but if one wants to experience and wants to spend more time on this tourist points and beaches they can take private water taxis and small cruises from Vasiliki. We planned to stay near Ponte beach in Vasiliki, so instead of checking in a hotel we moved to an Apartment. It was small and cozy with all the basic facility and the best part of it was the view from our room. We dropped in to one of the Taverna in one of the villages in Vasiliki. Taverna is a small restaurants offering authenticate Greek cuisine.
Next morning was so beautiful, as we strolled on the Ponte beach and tried some of the water sports. Ponte Beach is famous for water sports. Some unsuccessful and few successful attempts were made while we tried to practice wind surfing.
It was time to say good bye….Good Bye Lefkada, we will miss everything about you!!!!!!!!!!